• Discover how our three-step approach will enable you to understand what your customers really think and want versus what’s happening in reality

Improve your Customer Experience

Identify, Investigate & Implement

We understand that it’s hard to be as objective about your business as your customers are, you know things they don’t necessarily know. When examining customer experience, the ability to look from the outside in, brings that objectivity to your table.

We use a three-step approach to understand your customers’ expectations versus what’s happening in reality. We identify any potential hurdles in your current customer journey by reviewing your planned customer journey maps (if you don’t have maps we can help you to create them) and interviews with your teams to learn their perceptions of what’s not working. Then using qualitative research, we investigate to reveal the reality of the customer experience to understand the actual process as well as their attitudes and feelings as they navigate through the customer journey. We also discover how improvements can be made before we go on to help you implement strategic, practical solutions across all channels. This approach will put all your customers at the heart of every decision you make – and boost your brand’s reputation and revenue.

Only then will you know how to enhance your customer experience and engagement. We see organisations stuck in limbo like this all the time – either ignoring their customers, or spending time and money solving the wrong problems. From understanding how you interact with your customers – at order or enquiry point – we reveal how your systems and processes are currently working vis à vis the needs and aspirations of all your customers. By spending time with you in your office – or remotely using Teams, Zoom or Google Hangouts - and identifying where the current blind spots are, we give you a thorough understanding of your ideal customer journey from start to finish – and importantly, how to achieve it.

IDENTIFY the perceived challenges of the business

It’s time to get out the post-it notes! In marketing speak, this is customer journey mapping. But we go further than that. We identify the challenges that are holding you back from providing an excellent customer journey. We can either take existing customer journey maps or help you to create them through a cross-organisational session. We also complete interviews with key staff to understand their involvement in the delivery of the planned journey.

INVESTIGATE discover the realities

Our investigations involve engaging with your target customer audience whilst they engage with your business. We unearth the challenges they face including when trying to complete the customer journeys you have planned. We listen to how it makes them feel and their attitudes towards your business. We find the blind spots and what really matters to your customers and bring this insight back to share with you in a detailed report – warts and all.

We’ll work with you to agree an action plan for next steps, what are the priorities, who needs to be involved and when will this happen.

IMPLEMENT practical solutions to close the gaps

Now it’s time to fix the brakes that are slowing your customers’ journeys down, even stopping them in their tracks. As your consultants, we use the insight we’ve found in the identification and investigation phases to determine practical solutions and how they can be implemented to transform your business, whatever the channel. Perhaps your social media interaction is letting you down or you’re leaving vulnerable customers out of the equation. Whatever the issues are, we can remedy them in tandem with your marketing, customer service, operations and IT teams. This may involve thought-provoking workshops, detailed review and analysis of call recordings or insightful training sessions to share knowledge with employees about every interaction with your customers.

FREE Discovery Session with
Recommendations Report

The process begins with us coming in to meet your senior leadership team to run a Discovery Session to understand your business challenges and concerns, whether that’s high customer churn or a decline in average order values, revenue and profits. In our experience, that’s usually because the customer’s voice is not being heard.

We meet with you, at your offices or online, and, after what is usually a 2-hour meeting, we’ll go away and compile a report of our findings and recommendations. If what you read strikes a chord, then We’ll work together bringing the customers voices into the discussions and to find and implement solutions to move your business forward.

Remember your audience includes vulnerable customers.
Are you sure you can recognise vulnerabilities within your customer base?

“RBL helped us demystify what experience our supporters actually have of the NAS - we knew there would be room for improvement but it was exceptionally helpful to hear very specifically and from a supporters perspective where the issues were. The first phase was so enlightening that we asked them to complete an internal audit across all departments and of all key supporter related processes, and recommend precisely what we needed to do and how much it would cost. I wouldn't hesitate to work with them again.”
Carolyne Coupel, Head of Individual Giving National Autistic Society

“RBL’s insight into donor journeys and practical advice on maximising opportunities to promote regular giving has given us a head start on achieving target.”
Esther Preston, Marketing Manager, Saint Francis Hospice

"We (first) engaged RBL to complete a customer experience audit which enabled us to clearly see the customer experience that the business was actually delivering to our online and offline customers. Considering our business from our customers’ perspective allowed us to understand where the key pinch points were and allowed us to prioritise where our main focus should be."
Tazio Gagliardi, Managing Director, Donald Russell (March 2020)

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