Reasonable Adjustments – And The Three R’s

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We talk tirelessly of the need to be able to recognise the signs which indicate one might find themselves in a vulnerable circumstance. There’s often an assumption that vulnerabilities and disabilities are obvious but that’s far from the truth.


ReynoldsBusbyLee Support Global Accessibility Awareness Day


We are proud to celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day by joining together with Recite Me to raise awareness of the importance of creating a digital world where more than one billion people with disabilities/impairments can access online content barrier-free.

Thursday, 20th May marks Global Accessibility Awareness Day’s 10th  anniversary. A key date in our calendar to get everyone talking, thinking and learning about digital access and inclusion.




TRUST is a collaboration between ReynoldsBusbyLee Managing Director, Elaine Lee and our training partner Jacqui Workman of KMB Telemarketing. Elaine and Jacqui met over a decade ago whilst working together on the DMA’s Contact Centre Council where they were instrumental in creating the DMA’s guidance on championing the needs of customers in vulnerable circumstances. Together, they’ve co-chaired the DMA’s Vulnerable Consumer Working Group since 2016.


Action Against Domestic Violence - Updated 15 March '21*

This is not an easy subject to discuss, and not one you might expect a customer experience consultant to be talking about. So why am I? It’s with my “customers and staff in vulnerable circumstances” hat on that I’m moved to write.

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